Institute of Informatics Institute of Informatics at Politechnika Wrocławska


Research is carried out in flexible teams formed in:

- Division of Artificial Intelligence,
- Division of Database Systems,
- Division of Distributed Computer Systems,
- Division of Information Systems,
- Division of Intelligent Decision Support Systems,
- Division of Knowledge Management Systems,
- Division of Security and Reliability of Computer Systems,
- Division of Software Engineering,
- Division of Teleinformatics.

The research covers:
- Data mining,
- Data warehouse and OLAP analysis,
- Database architecture,
- Digital text and image processing,
- Formal analysis and methodology of computer system design,
- Hand-writing recognition and document processing,
- Internet and mobile technologies,
- IT standards in e-health systems,
- Knowledge acquisition and management,
- Management of computer system design,
- Mobile and Web-based information systems,
- Modular and mobile databases,
- Multimedia system modeling,
- Object methodologies,
- Parallel and distributed processing, cluster and grid systems,
- Personalized and adaptive Web-based systems,
- Recommender systems,
- Social networks analysis,
- Software and hardware reliability and security,
- Software quality management,
- User interface utility.