Krzysztof Juszczyszyn PhD
Assistant Professor

Institute of Computer Science
Faculty of Computer Science and Management
Wroclaw University of Technology
27, Wyb. Wyspianskiego Str.
Wroclaw, Poland
Phone (University): +48 71 320 2116
Fax (University): +48 71 321 1018



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Research interests (as loose sets of keywords)

The Structure and Function of Complex Networks

Local Topology and Network Motifs
Network Sampling
Network Comparison
Hypergraph Models
Subgraph Mining
Small Worlds
Node Centralities

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Internet-based Social Networks

Mathematical Representation of Social Systems
Mobile Communication Networks
Collaborative Work in Virtual Environments
Design of Virtual Communities
Trust Modeling and Trust Networks
Semantic Wikis
Recommender Systems

Agents on Semantic Web and Social Software

Computational Collective Intelligence
Semantics and Social Networks
Ontologies in Agent Networks
Distributed Metadata Management
Consensus Finding
Conflict Resolution
Agent Communities

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Network Dynamics
Critical Phenomena in Complex Networks

Birth, Life and Death of Complex Networks
Synchronization on Networks
Self-Organized Criticality
Critical Effects in Disease-Spreading Models
Molecular Dynamics Simulation
Quantitative Sociodynamics
Cooperation, Games on Networks

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International Journal of Intelligent Information and Database Systems - Special Issue on: “Knowledge Dynamics in Semantic Web and Social Networks 

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