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Self-prepared datasets:

Spreading processes in virtual world platform
Description: Presented data contains the record of five spreading campaigns that occurred in a virtual world platform. During these campaigns, users were distributing the avatars between each other. The processes were either incentivized or not incentivized, and varying in time and range. The campaign data is accompanied by the events that can be used to build a multilayer network in order to be able to place these campaigns in a wider context (friendships, messages, transactions, etc.).
Number of nodes: 954,722
Number of timestamped edges: 51,750,836
Citation: Jankowski, J., Michalski, R., Bródka P.: A multilayer network dataset of interaction and influence spreading in a virtual world. arXiv preprint, arXiv:1702.06373 [cs.SI] (2017)
Citation (BibTeX): jankowski2017.bib (txt)
Download: 2.2 GB download from Harvard Dataverse

Manufacturing company e-mail communication
Description: History of internal e-mail communication (sender, recipient, datetime) between employees of a mid-sized manufacturing company. Multiple recipients of the same e-mail (To, CC, BCC) are represented as separate rows without distinguishing the recipient type. The period covered are nine full months of 2010 starting from 2010-01-01 to 2010-09-30 (event dates in local time).
Number of nodes: 167
Number of timestamped edges: 82,927
Citation: Michalski, R., Palus, S., Kazienko, P.: Matching Organizational Structure and Social Network Extracted from Email Communication. Lecture Notes in Business Information Processing LNBIP, vol. 87, pp. 197-206, Springer, Berlin Heidelberg (2011)
Citation (BibTeX): michalski2011.bib (txt)
Download: 418 kB manufacturing.tar.gz

Other datasets sources:
  • KONECT - The Koblenz Network Collection (URL)
  • SNAP - Stanford Large Network Dataset Collection (URL)
  • Alex Arenas network data sets (URL)
  • Albert-László Barabási's Network Databases (URL)
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