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2018-04-18 The website of our BERG - Blockchain Exploration Research Group is online. If you are interested in studying blockchain as a complex network, please contact us. Meanwhile, have a look at (not yet finished) website of the group.
2018-01-18 We are happy to announce new contest on the sci·cup platform. The challenge is about identifying Slovenian news topics' clusters. The first phase ends on February 18th, 2018. More details here.
2018-01-15 The next edition of our Workshop on Social Influence (SI 2018) goes to Barcelona, Spain (collocated with ASONAM 2018). Submit your research work on social influence: workshop website.
2017-11-28 Starting this term we will be learning Complex Data Analysis using the DataCamp.com platform thanks to the DataCamp For The Classroom initiative. If you did not receive invitation link for our group, please contact me by email.
2017-11-22 The Data Science master specialisation for Computer Science students will start in February 2018. On 2017-11-29 we organize a Data Science Day for students with the introductory lecture given by Prof. Nitesh Chawla from Notre Dame University, IN, USA. More details: track details and data science day.
2017-10-30 If you are interested in studying blockchain solutions or cryptocurrencies in general, please contact me. I plan to start seminars on this topic soon.
2017-10-11 The article on analysing how the virtual world campaigns spread entitled "A multilayer network dataset of interaction and influence spreading in a virtual world" (written with Jarosław Jankowski and Piotr Bródka) has just been published by Scientific Data. Feel free to download the dataset and start your own analyses.
2017-06-12 In 2018 we are starting new track for master students at our faculty: data science. If you want to become a data scientist, this will be a good starting point. We will provide more details soon, expect new webpage about this track.
2017-04-25 The analysis of the impact of sequential (delayed) seeding on the spread of influence in social networks has been accepted for publication in Scientific Reports. The article co-authored with Jarosław Jankowski et al. entitled "Balancing Speed and Coverage by Sequential Seeding in Complex Networks" is available here.
2017-02-22 We shared a dataset that shows how virtual world campaigns spread. It has nearly a milion of nodes and over 51 millions of timestamped edges and contains the record of five campaigns. You can find more details in this arXiv preprint and here.
2017-01-31 Are you a researcher studying social influence? Consider submitting your work for the Workshop on Social Influence (SI 2017) I am co-organizing. This year's edition will be held again in conjunction with ASONAM conference - this time in Sydney, Australia. Deadline for submitting papers is May 10th, 2017 and the workshop day is July 31st.
2016-11-22 The SciCup platform for data-driven challenges created by our group has just started. If you are interested in solving real world problems in data analytics, please visit https://scicup.com and look for open challenges. If you (as a company or organization) want to organize a challenge, please contact me.
2016-08-18 The arcicle "Evolutionary Algorithm for Seed Selection in Social Influence Process" written jointly with Michał Weskida received the Best Paper Award at SNAA 2016 Workshop at ASONAM 2016.
2016-03-03 This year's edition of the Workshop on Social Influence (SI 2016) will be held in conjunction with ASONAM 2016 conference. Deadline for submitting papers is May 31st, 2016. Workshop webpage: http://www.wosinf.org.
2016-01-02 National Science Center (NCN) accepted my grant proposal for funding. The title of the research grant is "Diffusion of Information in Temporal Social Networks" and the research will last for three years. The aim of the project is to study the dependence between social network dynamics and diffusion processes.
2015-11-16 The registration process for DPCN 2016 training workshop and NetSci-X 2016 has just started. Good news - registration fee for DPCN is waived thanks to the ENGINE project.
2015-07-29 Got accepted to the TransFormation.doc project that facilitates managing the process of scientific research and its commercialisation. Will be going to Ivey Business School at Western University, Ontario, Canada.
2015-05-25 Just before NetSci-X 2016 I will be organizing a Training Workshop on Diffusion Processes in Complex Networks also in Wrocław, Poland (January 7th-9th, 2016).
2015-05-20 Happy to announce that our group is responsible for organizing NetSci-X 2016 conference to be held in Wrocław, Poland. Dates are January 11th-13th, 2016.
2015-04-19 Interested in diffusion of information and influence in social networks? Submit your work to Special Issue of SNAM journal I am co-editing. Deadline for submissions: July 31st, 2015.
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