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Project: Modelling social interactions using data streams
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In this project, we will be looking at a number of phenomena observed in society, such as forming groups, information diffusion or spread of influence. However, contrary to typical approaches that base on social networks, we will be using data streams as the primary input and as an outcome of the project, we propose a solution for modelling social interactions based on streamed data. In order to verify the performance and accuracy of our models and methods, we plan to evaluate our approach using multiple datasets that contain social interactions, such as social media, communication data, virtual world environments and datasets provided by our partners that also contain valuable information about ground truth. More details...
International journals
  1. Wang, Y., Wang, X., Michalski, R., Ran, Y., Jia T.: CasSeqGCN: Combining Network Structure and Temporal Sequence to Predict Information Cascades. Expert Systems with Applications (JCR-listed journal), Vol. 206, 117693 (2022)
  2. Michalski, R., Serwata, D., Nurek, M., Szymański, B., Kazienko, P., Jia, T.: Temporal Network Epistemology: on Reaching Consensus in Real World Setting. Chaos: An Interdisciplinary Journal of Nonlinear Science (JCR-listed journal), Vol. 32, 063135 (2022)
  3. Nurek, M., Michalski, R., Lizardo, O., Rizoiu, MA: Predicting Relationship Labels and Individual Personality Traits from Telecommunication History in Social Networks using Hawkes Processes. IEEE Access (JCR-listed journal), in press (2023)
International conferences
  1. Leszkiewicz, A., Bucur, D., Grimme, C., Michalski, R., Clever, L., Pohl, J., Rook, J., Bossek, J., Preuss, M., Squirello, G., Quer, S., Calabrese, A., Iacca, G., Kizgin, H., Trautmann, H.: Social Influence Analysis (SIA) in Online Social Networks. MISDOOM 2022 - 4th Multidisciplinary International Symposium on Disinformation in Open Online Media, virtual event (2022)
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If you are interested in collaboration or more details on the project, feel free to contact me.
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