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Theses - topics
Proposals for MSc theses (defense February 2019):
  • Streaming Graph Analytics - Finding Key Nodes in Social Influence Process
  • Modelling the epidemics among animals - models and methods (reserved)
  • Machine learning in social networks - application (reserved)
Proposals for bachelor theses (defense January 2019):
  • Web-based frontend for the framework for modelling the social influence
  • The extension of the package for analysing Blockchain transactions register (reserved)
  • An application for quantifying the cryptocurrencies flow for a chosen altcoin
  • Who influences whom in social network - an application for finding key nodes (reserved)
  • An application for visualizing the diffusion of information in temporal social networks (reserved)
  • An application of a chosen machine learning algorithm for solving real world problem (reserved)
Proposals for MSc theses (defense June 2018):
  • Spread of influence in social networks - modelling by using GPGPU approach (reserved)
  • The Analysis of Temporal Social Networks (reserved)
  • Blockchain as a trusted events register (reserved)
  • Finding clusters in Bitcoin cryptocurrency blockchain (reserved)
Proposals for MSc theses (defense February 2018):
  • The Dynamic of Diffusion of Information and the Dynamic of Social Network - the Relationship between them (reserved)
  • Optimizing the algorithms of social network analysis with GPU approach (reserved)
  • The analysis of Bitcoin transactions blockchain (reserved)
Proposals for bachelor theses (defense June 2018):
  • An application for tracking the flow of resources for Bitcoin cryptocurrency (reserved)
If you are interested in those or similar topics, please contact me.
Additionally, I look for people interested in GPU programming (NVIDIA CUDA).
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