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Theses - topics
Proposals for MSc theses (defense June 2019):
  • Streaming Graph Analytics - Finding Key Nodes in Social Influence Process
  • Detecting disinformation
  • Modelling the spread of disinformation
  • Using machine learning for forecasting air pollution levels
  • The dynamics of social network compared to the dynamics of the spread of information
  • The analysis of the dynamics of the complex network based on blockchain
  • Classification of the nodes in a blockchain-based network (reserved)
  • The influence of the type of communication on the ability for spreading information (reserved)
Proposals for bachelor theses (defense January 2020) - to by confirmed by the Faculty Council:
  • Web-based frontend for the framework for modelling the social influence (reserved)
  • A system using machine learning algorithms for solving real-life problem (reserved)
  • Blockchain as a complex network - models and methods (reserved)
  • Machine learning system for geospatial data (reserved)
  • A system integrating geospatial data from multiple sources
  • A system for analysing consumers' behaviour (reserved)
  • A system for integrating and sharing information about air pollution levels
  • A recommending system next books to read for library users using machine learning
  • A system using machine learning algorithms to derive conclusions about people (reserved)
If you are interested in those or similar topics, please contact me. If you speak Polish, please read my guide for graduate students beforehand.
Additionally, I look for people interested in GPU programming (NVIDIA CUDA).

Ongoing or past theses' topics (for overview purposes):
MSc theses:
  • Modelling the epidemics among animals - models and methods
  • Machine learning in social networks - application
  • Blockchain as a trusted events register
  • Spread of influence in social networks - modelling by using GPGPU approach
  • The analysis of temporal social networks
  • Finding clusters in Bitcoin cryptocurrency blockchain
  • The Dynamic of diffusion of information and the dynamic of social network - the relationship between them
  • Optimizing the algorithms of social network analysis with GPU approach
  • The analysis of Bitcoin transactions blockchain
Bachelor theses:
  • An application for tracking the flow of resources for Bitcoin cryptocurrency
  • The extension of the package for analysing Blockchain transactions register
  • Using machine learning for discovering types of nodes in blockchain network
  • Automation of finding key nodes in social influence orocess in social networks
  • Who influences whom in social network - an application for finding key nodes
  • An application for visualizing the diffusion of information in temporal social networks
  • An application of a chosen machine learning algorithm for solving real world problem
  • Machine learning in data analysis and decision making
  • Machine learning as a tool for predicting customer behaviour
  • The comparison of machine learning algorithms for a real problem solving
  • Language learning application using image and speech recognition
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