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Department of Artificial Intelligence
Institute of Informatics
Wroclaw University of Technology
ul. Wybrzeze Wyspianskiego 27
50-370 Wroclaw
(+ 48 71) 320 42 24 budynek B4, pokój 4.19 map of the WUT campus


The main area of my research are:Computational Linguistics, Natural Language Processing (especially those issues which are called also Natural Language Engineering or Language Technology), Formal Semantics (of the natural language) and Human Computer Interaction.


Computational Linguistics and Natural Language Processing

Formal Semantics (formal linguistics)

Human Computer Interaction

Other areas of Artificial Intelligence

Miscellaneous: Multimedia, Software Engineering, ...

Resources and tools for the Polish language

We are trying to make all the constructed resources and tools free of charge for the scientific applications (all interested are kindly ask for a contact).

In the case of commercial application we try to follow the politics of wide availability of our tools, i.e. keeping prices on the minimal level (all interested are kindly ask for a contact).

plWordNet - The Polish Wordnet

SuperMatrix - package for the generation of coincidence matrices (similarity matrices of lexical units) from text corpora.

Among the other applications, SuperMatrix was applied to the construction of semantic similarity function of Polish nouns (results).

TaKIPI 1.5 and Odgadywacz 1.0 - a morpho-syntactic tagger and a morpho-syntactic guesser for Polish

KorMeDIIS - a morpho-syntactically annotated corpus of Polish medical texts

SKIPI - a small corpus of Polish annotated with the shallow syntactic structure

Manufakturzysta - a GUI tool for annotating a corpus

Odgadywacz - morpho-syntactic guesser for Polish

Polish bigram collocations described with the syntactic structure (a tool for their extraction and the results obtained on a very large corpus)

Tools for the construction of stochastic language models for Polish (e.g. for the correction of handwriting OCR)

Scientific projects



Supervision of the master degree theses

Selected Msc theses

Training, irregular courses