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  Wrocław University of Technology

Recent research projects

  • "SocLaKE - Social Latent Knowledge Explorator", 2009-
  • "Social Networks in Telecommunication", in co-operation with British Telecom, Intelligent Systems Research Centre (ISRC), 2007-
  • "Data mining in complex social network systems, The Polish Ministry of Science and Higher Education research grant, 2010-13
  • "Evaluation of organizational structure based on social network analysis, 2010-
  • "Analysis of social communities (identification of sustainable groups, analysis and prediction of changes), 2010-
  • "Analysis of multi-layered networks, 2008-
  • "Network motifs in social networks", 2008-
  • "Analysis of social position of individuals in the social network", 2005-
  • "IT SOA - Service-Oriented Architectures; Nowe technologie informacyjne dla elektronicznej gospodarki i spoleczeństwa informacyjnego oparte na paradygmacie SOA". The project is developed within the Regional Operational Programme Innovative Economy 2008-2013. The members of our team (Katarzyna Musial and Krzysztof Juszczyszyn) are responsible for development of the model and methods for decision support system in the service oriented knowledge utility systems, 2009-2012
  • "WITI - Wroclaw Information Technology Initiative", Wroclaw Information Technology Initiative is a program sponsored by Wroclaw authorities and Wroclaw University of Technology.Elzbieta Kukla and Katarzyna Musial are the members of the project team that is responsible for development of the e-learning courses for master students candidatesm, 2008-2009
  • "Dynamics of Collective Behaviours in Complex Social Multinetworks", EPSRC (L217,259), Joint bid with the Bournemouth University, UK. Submitted: August 2009. (Awaiting decision). The main goal of the proposed project is to understand how huge social multinetworks behave collectively, given the individual dynamics and coupling architecture of their components. The area of research in the proposed project are complex multinetworked systems, their dynamics and evolution. Three main elements of complex social multinetworks (CSM) and their evolution will be investigated, a) network structure; b) communities existing within CSM; and c) characteristics of and relationships between individuals. The bid was submitted as the Postdoctoral Fellowship Proposal where Katarzyna Musial is a Principal Investigator and Prof. Bogdan Gabrys from Bournemouth University is a Co-investigator

Past projects

  • "SoDiG - Social Values in Dynamic Groups", in co-operation with British Telecom, Intelligent Systems Research Centre (ISRC), 2008-2009
  • "GRASP# - Groups, Relationships and Activities of Suspected Persons", Ministerial Development Project, in co-operation with Research & Engineering Center REC and Telnet, 2009-2011
  • "CollKAP - Advanced Methods in Collaborative Knowledge Acquisition and Processing, Initial Training Network (ITN)", submitted project, call FP7-PEOPLE-ITN-2008, coordinator, 2008
  • "European FP6 Network of Excellence Nature-inspired Smart Information Systems, our interests focused on social networks, project no. FP6-2002-IST-1-13569", 2005-2008
  • "Clustering of dynamic groups based on swarm intelligence methods, 2008