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Journal articles:

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Books and book chapters:

  • Palus S., Kazienko P., Michalski R.: Evaluation of Corporate Structure Based on Social Network Analysis. Lytras M.D., De Pablos P.O., Damiani E. (eds.) Semantic Web Personalization and Context Awareness: Management of Personal Identities and Social Networking. IGI-Global.
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Papers published and presented at international conferences:

Polish national conferences:

  • Kazienko P., Musiał K., Zgrzywa A.: Evaluation of Node Position Based on Mutual Interaction in Social Network of Internet Users, II Krajowa Konferencje Naukowa Technologie Przetwarzania Danych, 24-26 wrzesnia 2007, Poznan, Polska.

Publications within the Network of Excellence: Nature-inspired Smart Information Systems:

  • Kazienko, P., Musiał K.: Social-Inspired Aspects in Information Systems - Information Systems with Social Networks, 8-9 June 2006, NiSIS Mallorca Brainstorming Meeting.
  • Kazienko, P., Musiał K.: Road Map, Social Networks - challenges, February 2006.
  • Kazienko, P., Musiał K.: Social Networks, November 2005.