photo of Aleksander Zgrzywa

Aleksander Zgrzywa


prof. Aleksander Zgrzywa, D.Sc., Ph.D.,
Associate Professor


1970   M.Sc., Department of Automata, Institute of Technical Cybernetics, Wrocław University of Technology, title of M.Sc. thesis: "Problem of central processor unit's utilization of the computer system"
1976   Ph.D., Institute of Technical Cybernetics, title of Ph.D.thesis: "Model of information transfer processes in two-level memory by means of using the Markov chains"
1999   D.Sc., Faculty of Electronics, Wrocław University of Technology, title of post doctoral thesis: "Evaluation of information system's performance using queuing methods"


1970 - 1976   Institute of Technical Cybernetics, Wrocław University of Technology
1976 -1985   Faculty of Computer Science and Management, Wrocław University of Technology
Academic year 1981/82   Director of Main Library and Scientific Information Center, Wrocław University of Technology
1985 - 1987   Department of Electrical Engineering, College of Engineering, Basrah University, Iraq
1987 - present   Department of Information Systems, Wrocław University of Technology
1999 - present   Wroclaw Management and Finance College
1993 - 2001  
Institute of Library Science, Faculty of Philology, Wrocław University

Teaching experience

  • Lectures, laboratories, projects and seminars at undergraduate, graduate and Ph.D. studies
  • About eighty supervised M.Sc. projects
  • Courses on:
    • Programming Languages
    • Computer Networks
    • Information Systems
    • Systems Modeling
    • Artifical Intelligence
Active participation in creation and improvement programs for graduate and postgraduate courses at Wroclaw University of Technology, Wroclaw University, University of Basrah and Wroclaw Management and Finance College.

Research interests

  • Information Systems
  • Efficiency of Network Information Systems
  • Application the Methods and Techniques of Artificial Intelligence to Information Systems
  • Application the theory of Queuing Networks to Evaluation of Network Information Systems' Efficiency

Ph. D. students

Actually supervised Ph. D. degree thesis:
  • Knowledge acquisition in an agent system using data mining methods
  • Modelling negotiating multi-agent systems using Petri nets
  • Bayesian network approach to information retrieval



Supervision of Doctoral Dissertations